WHYNOTus is a collective full of young innovators. The idea behind whynotus is simply to encourage people to do anything that they feel and to inspire others to put their ideas into action. They have various platforms in which they choose to spread their message including music, fashion, graphic designing and podcasts. WHYNOTus started off as a group of high school friends from Sussex, Virginia; who quickly turned into something way bigger. Originally starting off with five members, they now stand at 10 members all from the Sussex and Richmond area. 


WHYNOTus artist, ‘WHYNOTduce’ has managed to drop 2 projects in 2017; 

“No Beginner’s Luck” and “Rec” which the cover art was done by WHYNOTneen. These 2 projects are available on all major music streaming platforms and includes features from WHYNOThauch. 


WHYNOTprez dropped his first single ‘minute’ off his debut project which is predicted to drop in November of 2017.  


On the fashion side of things WHYNOTban$ dropped his signature ‘Virginia’ tees which made noise all the way in the Middle East. He is currently working on doubling back with hoodies and new shirts under the alias MAD3BYJ



WHYNOTus also have a podcast which is predicted to drop early next which will star WHYNOTgotti, WHYNOTsoni and WHYNOTflea.



WHYNOTgotti, WHYNOTamp and WHYNOTfe are the people behind the scenes who does a lot of the connections and reaching out for new opportunities for the group.


4. August 26th by #WHYNOTus

First Album from artist WHYNOTduce. ENJOY!

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