What we Talking Bout Podcast – numb numb

#WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout -Podcast and Chill part 2- Amazing time with better people.
Thank you to everybody that came out to our Party 3-15-19 at the Pelican room. Great time. Thank you DJ O Pzzy for rocking with us. Podcast and Chill part 2 was super fun.
We talked about the note the little boy wrote to the little girl. Do Men suck at being single?
When someone “always gotta be in a relationship” what does that say about them?
Who does more hitting and quitting? Men or women? Do pretty girls feel like they are intimidating? We talked about how many bodies should you have by now. We asked the ladies do men get the full nasty the 1st night. Are Strong minded black queens usually submissive during sex? We got in our music bag and more.

D0 Remember 4/20/19 were doing a live podcast. Pre-Sale tickets in the bio. Support the fellas. Pre-sale tickets are moving. We want to sell it out. As Always, The Culture from a Midwest Point view.