What we Talking Bout Podcast – big ole freak

#WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout boys had an invite-only show and it was lit.
@dez_arnez @trav_dave @thekidblaze @ceoreese talked about Robert Kelly and his interview with Gayle King, We talked about Oprah and MJ. We talked about the person who paid his child support, Jussie Smollett getting charged with 16 counts. If you are in a relationship, what’s the difference between giving your phone and your IG? Why women only hate men online, So I went on a dinner date the other night and this person brought screenshots of my tweets and pulled them out. Fellas knowing their toxic traits, Bron passing MJ and greatest twerk song of all time.

March 15th we Celebrate @Trav_dave bday at pelican room. Also 4/20/19 we got our official Live show. Support black podcast. As always, The culture from a Midwest Point of View