Virtual Showcase

Artist can submit their track to State of Hip-Hop website and the staff of State of Hip-Hop will create a post with a poll. The pole will have the following rankings to choose from:

  1. Trash
  2. It’s Cool
  3. Fire

As the Staff create each artist post, a link to the post will be sent to the artist for the artist to share with their audience. Your audience will vote; therefore, the greater times the link is shared, the greater the artist chances to win the showcase.

The artist with the most Fire votes will win the grand prize of $250, second place is $100, and third place is $50. Please note: Prizes can increase as participation grows.

Submissions must include

  1. Stage Name
  2. Photo
  3. Email address
  4. Location
  5. Short Bio
  6. Track
  7. $25 entry Fee. Payments are accepted via Cash App or PayPal. (Entries will automatically be discarded, if fee is not included with entry) All submission are non-refundable for any reason after contest entries are submitted.