TLM (The Lyrical Maze)


TLM (The Lyrical Maze), born and raised in Columbia, the METRO South Carolina, now grinding in Atlanta. She Started singing at the age of 9 and writing poetry and short stories by the age of 11. TLM poetry converted to a fun classic hip hop style with elite metaphors, similes, and diverse wordplay. She started battling at the age of 13 and won multiple talent competitions, while developing the unique Hip Hop talent she portrays today.

Currently a Choreographer/bartender in Atlanta, TLM has traveled and featured extensively across the nation. Her flow has been compared to a mix of 90’S hip hop legends, with versatility like Fergie and soulful pop voice like Pink.

The Lyrical Maze’s achievements and features include:

* Headline Artist -The NWO Word Warriors Tour 2008
* Featured artist at SAHAS END GAME Cd release.
* Ranked 5th internationally in the T-PAIN competition
* Featured in KRS1 concert at The Apache Cafe Atlanta, GA
* Featured with Tony Winner georgia ME @ 30Something in Mobile, AL.
* Coors Light Search for the Coldest MC finalist 2014.


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