King Blaze



On December 27th, 2016 State of Hip-Hop presented it’s first Showcase for artist from across the region at Skully’s Music-Diner in Columbus, Ohio. The night went of without a hitch. There were twelve artist that went head to head for the $300 grand prize. King Blaze was the was one of the artist to perform that night. He blazed the stage and bought energy to his performance.


King Blaze is a 22 year old artist from Athens, Ohio. He’s spent around 12 years of his life studying the hip-hop culture. He has always been the black sheep of his peers due to the fact that all he ever wanted to be was a rapper. He puts his real life experiences into his verses and He is hoping that He can just make a positive difference in one person’s life by hearing his words and struggle. Blaze is not in this for fame or money, but to make a standing impact on his generation.