Kafar Myers- True 2 Self (Dir. Painfully Gifted Visuals)

(March 13, 2020) – RESPECT. Magazine premieres “True 2 Self” by rapper, poet, community organizer Kafar Myers. The single is a track off his 8-track project entitled, Self Privilege.

The DIY presentation of “True 2 Self” is a deliberate piece of art by the rising rap prospect. Kafar captures the attention of bystanders throughout New York City as he raps passionately about his devotion to individuality. The song is poignant and a testament to his willingness to be vulnerable with listeners.

Comparable to the 2001 track “One Mic” by Nas, Kafar makes a similar declaration with “True 2 Self”. Times Square is Kafar’s stage and serves as a metaphor for a deeper desire to spread his message of positivity throughout the world. New York-based hip-hop and photojournalism magazine, RESPECT. debuted “True 2 Self” through their website today (3/13).

RESPECT states, “In the video he uses his voice as a tool to share his deepest thoughts and perspectives.”

“True 2 Self” premieres on the heels of his previous music video for “Hopeless”, an introspective song that details the highs and lows of Kafar’s quest for hip-hop prominence which is also directed by Painfully Gifted Visuals.

Kafar has gained considerable media coverage since cracking the surface with his 8-track project Self Privilege. Earmilk, a publication included on Refinery29s list of “The Best Music Blogs That Aren’t Pitchfork” wrote, “By diving within himself to find his strength, he demonstrates that he is not afraid to reveal what he feels.”

Speed On The Beat described Kafar’s music as “inspirational” and Ghettoblaster Magazine declared, “They say youth is wasted on the young but that’s really never the case, at least for the 20-year-old New Jersey native Kafar Myers.”

The Hype Magazine added, “20-year-old Kafar Myers is one of those rare gems in the hip-hop industry at the moment, aside from rapping he’s an author of multiple self-published poetry books and a spoken word poet to boot.”

Kafar’s music has also been recognized by The Young Folks, Rage Robot, and many other online platforms.