Duck City Music



Duck City Music is a hip-hop movement which originated in Rand, West Virginia. (The hometown of NFL great Randy Moss. Rand University)

While constantly recording new music, Duck City is currently finishing up tracks for an upcoming mixtape project entitled “WV-N-ALC”. The mixtape will primarily consist of MCs CHJ (CookieHead Jenkins) and Ndakut with features from fellow Duck City MCS Santana Blue and DiagNosis over strictly Alchemist produced instrumentals. The mixtape will be mixed and hosted by arguably one of West Virginia’s most well know and established DJs, DJ Charlie Blac. (98.7 FM The Beat)

Childhood friends, CHJ and Ndakut, began making music years ago as Ndakut was DJing and CHJ was a young, hungry, aggressive MC. Both being Golden Era Hip Hop music lovers, they decided to join forces and started creating their own music. Since then, Ndakut began to rhyme more and DJ/produce less, while CHJ continued to refine and develop his craft. The duo has opened for artists Ying Yang Twins, DJ Unk, and Freeway.

“Fuck milkin the cow, I’m drainin all the cattle/ Niggaz up the river, I won’t give em a paddle!”- is a line from skilled MC CHJ on the track “Fuck Around” from the forthcoming mixtape WV-N-ALC. CHJ has released 3 prior mixtapes and has been on countless colorations with various WV artists including a track with New York hip-hop artist Grafh. Duck City plans to release 2-4 additional mixtapes soon after dropping the ALC project. “ Smuts I vary em, legendary I’m nasty/ I done cut more sluts than cesareans, Nigga that’s me!”- is a bar from Ndakut on the track “Barz” from the upcoming ALC project. Although having never released his own solo project, Ndakut has also done various features with other WV artists all while assisting with each CHJ project.

Duck City’s main objective is to continue to create their style of heavy bar/ punchline filled hip-hop in hopes of gaining new fans and listeners and reaching the masses of fans who are hungry for very witty, entertaining lyrics and rhymes. They are primed and ready to make an imprint on the hip-hop game and look forward to the challenge of doing so