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What Did Dr. Sebi Say About Covid-19 (News)

Dr. EnQi is a single father, Certified Personal Trainer, Master Herbalist, Sports Nutritionist, Elite Calisthenics Specialist & Naturopathic Doctor who studied Dr. Sebi's Philosophy...

 Judge Joe Brown, Dr. EnQi Debate Natural Healing & Covid-19 (Video)

Judge Joe Brown was in rare form debating the benefits of Plant-Based eating and Herbs with the G.O.A.T of Holistic Health Science Dr. EnQi. Dr. Sebi...

Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage & Hip Hop Movement History

Hip Hop pioneer Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage shares jewels and gems on the history of The Hip Hop Movement. “As the son of the movement,...

Dr. EnQi “Artificial Intelligence” aka “Alkaline Slide”

The question buzzing from everyone’s lips; Did Drake steal Toosie Slide from an "older" up and coming artist by the name of Dr. EnQi (student...

Dr. Sebi’s Student Dr. EnQi, Shares Coronavirus Testimonial

Dr. EnQi, the student of Dr. Sebi, shares his Coronavirus Testimonial. Watch the video and connect with Dr. EnQi on Instagram @drenqi. https://youtu.be/scNdWlTvrb8

Get Money Filmz Presents Unfinished Business Web Series

Get Money Filmz presents a new web series titled “Unfinished Business” which features an elite selection of Philadelphia‘s hottest new talent. The web series, set to release...

Open the Floodgates of Hip-Hop

Being born into a black household kind of gives you an automatic connection to hip-hop; like it’s just a part of our culture. About...

Was Dr. EnQi Extorting Brother Polight? Watch Doggie Diamonds TV

Dr. EnQi states emphatically that he never extorted Brother Polight, rather Brother Polight attempted to finesse and scam Dr. EnQi out of an investment...

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New Video: Xzibit, B-Real & Demrick – Loaded

2020 has reaffirmed that absolute power corrupts absolutely! Due to our current “leadership” we find ourselves at a tipping point. The trickledown effect of...

Moneybagg Yo – Said Sum Remix feat. City Girls, DaBaby [Official Music Video]

Moneybagg Yo – Said Sum Remix feat. City Girls, DaBaby https://youtu.be/UDRnXJXKX-A

Teyana Taylor – Lose Each Other (Music Video)

Teyana Taylor – Lose Each Other https://youtu.be/X7u19e1vAyk

Young M.A “Dripset” (Official Music Video)

Young M.A “Dripset” (Official Music Video) https://youtu.be/jadyZfdxX4I