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The 3rd Power #TheyKnow Produced by rashad

  This is the first offering from a collection of music called the “Attack of the drum from the 3rd power! https://soundcloud.com/elev8game/the-3rd-power-they-know  

NCMG: Kaz Oliver “Casey Jones” feat. L.O.O.T. & Co City

  Casey Jones.  We have all been at a party and spotted that one person we want to dance with but don't quite have the...

50 Jumpers feat Kaz “YaDontSay”

$$$$$$$ has, was, and will always be the motivation. 50 Jumpers is back at it again, this time featuring Kaz with "YADONTSAY ." This...

Cutlass Reid – Painted Pictures feat.Co City & PA Flex

Check out the Hot Single by Cutlass Reid titled Painted Pictures. Let us know what you think!!!  

P.A Flex feat 50 Jumpers “Ice Cube”

This is Co City from The North City Music Group. My younger brother PA flex is releasing his 1st single for the music inspired...

Rockwelz Presents “Rockwelz Stories” The Album

Multifaceted, seasoned artist and NY native Rockwelz, is back with his latest album “Rock Stories.”  The 12-track album carries production by Sweden’s own K Sluggah, Vherbal Beats, Clark...

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