All Glowed Up – Bethany


Eye Color -Brown

Hair Color – Dark Brown

Height – 5’7

Bust – 36DD

Waist – 34

Hips – 54″


What would you rate yourself from 1-10?

10, although I am flawed and there is always room to grow,  I am perfectly imperfect. 

Tell everybody your name and where you’re from?

Bethany, I am from Toledo,  OH. I have had the pleasure if livingin the South and West Coast.

So how long have you been modeling?

One year

How did you start modeling?

I signed up for a local competition and found fun in it.

So what are you doing with yourself besides modeling?

I am a RN, #nursesrock. I also own a line called “Professional Curves”, a specialty uniform line for curvy women.  

What would you say is your best feature and why?

My best physical features are my curves with my smile being the best one. It can be welcoming or flirtatious.

 What else do you do for fun?

I love to travel, watch movies, go to comedy shows and just hang out.

 Do you like sports? If so who is your favorite sports figure?

I used to watch lots of sports, not too much anymore. Might watch a football game from time to time.

What’s playing in your (iPod, iPhone, Android, music device)/Favorite Song (currently)?

“Love” Kenrick Lamar 

“Good Drank” 2 Chainz

-I love music, what I want to hear depends on my mood and what I’m doing. 

What’s the craziest pick up line you’ve heard from guys trying to get your attention?

No lines but had some guy hissing at me. Very strange lol

How do you get into “character” for a photoshoot?

I go in thinking I will have a good time no matter what so I walk in confident and ready to work ; a shot helps too!

What’s your favorite accomplishment in modeling so far?

Gaining more confidence.

What would you say is your ultimate turn

Nice, big arms

Who’s your favorite photographer?

So far a local photographer, named Rashaunda, she is both professional and your own hype man. Lol always a good time with her.

 What’s something that most people would be surprised to find out when they actually meet you?

I am very shy at times, I have a goofy sense of humor, and I like comic and sci fi shows.

How can people get in contact with you? (Social Media)Instagram: Misscurvyred 

SC: Misscurvyred1