Ramon “Absoloot” Robinson is not just a recording artist and a powerful speaker, he is
also a self-made social media professional. Using Myspace back in 2005 to promote himself and
his record label “As I Am Records,” Absoloot’s popularity grew quickly as he received over 3.1
million views and garnered over 50,000 fans. His early success was recognized by VIO Mobile as
he was offered a ring tone deal with sales over 150,000 digital downloads in 35 different

Absoloot’s list of accomplishments continued to expand when in 2012, The Huffington Post
featured the video for “99 Percent” as the theme song for the “Occupy Wall Street Movement”.
The videos for “99 Percent” and “Watch Your Words received 1st place awards in monthly
competitions for JeeJuh.com, an online production company. Absoloot placed 2nd for his track
“They Don’t Hear Me” with Jee Juh as well. He has a top selling album, an EP and 2 singles.
Absoloot was picked by Hard Rock for Hard Rock Rising 2016 due to his clean music and large
online following.

Paying it forward has been instrumental in Absoloot’s success. He prides himself on
making the community his foundation. Absoloot has partnered with Teachers Pine Ridge
Alternative Learning, Lions Creek Middle, Department of Juvenile Justice along with Men 2 Boys
Mentoring based in Margate FL, Veterans The Homeless Voice, Mom & Pop shops and several
Youth Mentoring programs to help make our county a better place to live in. He has separated
himself from the rest of the industry in an unorthodox way. A portion of every release under “As
I Am Records” has gone back to help selected community charities. Absoloot partnered with
Tropical Financial Credit Union to help the youth of America become financially independent for
the future. Instead of following his predecessors, Absoloot has become a trail blazer for positive
Hip-Hop lyrics.

Absoloot is a rare man in the sense that he is authentic. He says what he means and he
does what he says. Whether he’s entertaining our youth in schools or doing a Library Tour to
spread his message in the local community, you can always bet that he’s speaking the truth.
He’s not just a voice, but also a brain and tireless worker whose goal is to spread his positive
message to as many people as he can reach!



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