Review: Sky Blue Vision

What up y’all?  Came back with a review as promised.  This one is from Flint, MI. LaRonn Anthony is anything but your average emcee.  With tracks like Peer Pressure opening the project, his ability to not only write a hot bar, but to tell a story is well established.  His use lyricism on later tracks like Reggie Miller displays a versatility not seen often in the current state of hip-hop.  

As far as engineering work, there are clear hints of an echo but the effect is well played.  Beat selection is fantastic.  The only real complaint that I have with the project is the length of some of the songs.  The average listener of music will loose interest after an average of 2.5 minutes……..but that complaint soon disappears when you look at it as a hip-hop head.  This project is most definitely for the hip-hop head.  The parental advisory label should warn casual listeners.  

Feeling a touch of K.Dot on the track Out of Reach clearly establishes this as an album that every hip-hop head should have in their collection.   I’m not one to give empty praise……this album gives me hope for music.  A hip-hop classic in the making, “Sky Blue Vision” will be available for download on SoundCloud on June 2nd.  

Below is a full track listing with ratings.  

1. Sky blue Vision.        ????

2. Peer pressure (Prodby Det)?????

3. Cap n’ Gown (Prodby Det)????

4. Dreams of a June Bug (Produced by ThankyouBZGD)????

5. Photosynthesis (Produced by ThankyouBZGD)????

6. Out of Reach (Produced by ThankyouBZGD)


7. River (Produced by ThankyouBZGD)


8. Intro to Cloudwalking????

9. Cloudwalking (Produced by ThankyouBZGD)


10. Reggie Miller (Prodby Det)?????

11. Underpriviledged ft. Veą Lyree (Produced by Thankyou BZGD)????

12. Elvis ft. Twicee and Jeff Skigh (Produced by ThankyouBZGD)?????

13. Curt (Produced by Curt Green)???

14. Explosions in the sky (Produced by Curt Green)????

Overall rating:  


That’s 5 stars in The Fraternity.   Keep an eye in this one.