LuvaBoiD is the Future in the Rap World

LuvaBoiD is the Future in the Rap World

LuvaBoiD is an American hip-hop artist, videographer, and songwriter from Richmond, VA. He’s a young entrepreneur who is taking the rap game to the next level with a fan base that supports him every step of the way. Gaining more fans every day is easy with his relatable music that can relate to anybody. He is different from other artists because of his smooth flow of words, his delivery, and his unique sound.

Today the whole world is starting to know the name LuvaBoiD and he is on the way to a prosperous career in the industry he loves. His work is now influencing other musicians and rappers to come forward and showcase their talent.

LuvaBoiD is continuously working on his music and releasing songs after every small period. He has written many songs and continues to do so monthly to stay relevant and fresh for his fans. He came up with new songs “Skrt Skrt” which just came out on March 19th, 2021 (Prod. by Gee Hues x Voyce).

According to LuvaBoiD, his favorite song from his list is “Skrt Skrt”. This is his personal favorite because his songs are played in Clubs in Richmond, VA, and also had the most views on his YouTube channel and other social media platforms. He is truly an artist to watch for in the future in Rap World.

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