M.Goree – Nice Things

Marcus Goree was born In Houston, Texas September 28,1992. For him, music had always been the center of gravitation. Marcus’ Mom, Sharon and two older brothers, Carl and Joe moved to Baton Rouge, La. in 1998. There he met Micheal Parker and Demorio Batiste. He met them in the neighborhood. It wasn’t long before the three of them developed a routine and began creating music in Demorio’s in-house studio.

Marcus had attended church on a regular basis since the age of 12. Until one day he realized his music or his life didn’t reflect the faithful upbringing of praising God. His life had become a revolving door of consequences; jail, lost fiancee, his job, and the life of a friend. Since that day, Goree had taken the oath to no longer create music filled with the proverbial sex, drugs and rock and roll or even calling women out of their names. He has chosen to rock to the beat of a different path by telling stories of praise. Marcus prides himself on being saved. His new plan is to live for God and bring on people closer to Jesus.

Check out M.Goree’s track Nice Things below and let us know your thoughts!!!


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