I Am BrotherMan – Talk That Shit Music

Damon Terry out of Columbus, Ohio goes by the stage name of I Am BrotherMan. Long story short he switched his style up in order to compete. I Am BrotherMan got turned down by one of the largest talent agencies in the world with pitching first of their kind 30 plus commercial jingles for 30 plus major brands in October 2017. December 2018 he got frustrated and I Am BrotherMan started creating TalkThatShitMusic with a new sound. March 25th 2021 he dropped his first EP that’s streaming now on all major platforms called “Let’s Start The Show” to be the first to incorporate commercial jingles streaming with the music. Ladies and gentlemen brace yourself you are now witnessing history welcome to TalkThatShitMusic where I Am BrotherMan about to talk a whole lot of shit.

Check out I Am BrotherMan track Talk That Shit Intro/True Baller Combo and let us know your thoughts!!!


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