HGS Lyrical – Fantasize

H.G.S Lyrical also known as Lyrical Hanna was born on September 27th , 1993 in Miami. Born and raised throughout South Florida she spent most of her time in Liberty City at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center. In the summer of 2005-2006, her creative writer instructor insisted that she was given the spotlight to perform her original spoken word piece entitled, “The Unknown”. It was at that moment, she found something special – her voice. At first she used music and spoken word as therapy to vent about her troubled youth. At 17 she was put into Foster Care. Despite the life changing event she still managed to graduate from high-school a year early with honors. Unsure of what to do next she decided to enroll into college. In 2015 she graduated with honors from Florida International University with a Bachelors in Communication of the Arts.

In her heart, she could never let go of her dreams. After college she began working her way back onto the scene by performing at open mics and local venues. It was obvious that no matter where life took her she always found her way back to the stage. Over the last few years she has continued to grow and thrive as an independent artist. You’ll notice as she evolves in her personal journey, so does her music.

Never expect to hear the “same song” twice! She switches up her flows, melodies, and gives a different vibe every time. In her words, “The vibe all depends on what is going on at that moment whether in my mind, heart, or both.”

Check out HGS Lyrical track Fantasize and let us know your thoughts!!!


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