TIG Records Presents: YFN Lucci – Man Down

Think it’s A Game presents the latest single and video “Man Down” by YFN Lucci, the lead single off the forthcoming mixtape “Wish Me Well 3”. Although this record is quite different production and lyric wise, we see YFN Lucci in the same headspace as we saw when he dropped “Patience”. “Man Down” brings in smooth hard-hitting production by Black Ice & Dasda Beats, which fits perfectly with the sentiment felt as YFN Lucci tells us about the disappointments that cause him to act the way he acts. A perfect open letter to everyone that likes to judge his actions without knowing his reasoning. Check out “Man Down” and stay tuned for the highly anticipated “Wish Me Well 3”, which will continue to showcase the lyricism and talent we’ve come to expect from YFN Lucci. Support and feedback are greatly appreciated.

Producer: Black Ice & Dasda Beats


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