Glowed Up: Charmaine “Mahogany” Claiborne

Hello, I am a single mom of 2. I’m a curvy plus size model residing in Hampton, VA and have been modeling for 2 years. I have been published in a few magazines and various music production projects. I am a Community Activist, Southern Belle and have a passion for the youth and the disabled community.


1. Eye – Dark Brown

2. Hair Color – Dark Brown

3. Height – 5’4″

4. Bust – 36

5. Waist – 32

6. Hips – 52

7. What would you rate yourself from 1-10?  8.5

8. Tell everybody your name and where you’re from? Charmaine “Mahogany” Claiborne,  representing Surry County, VA

9. So how long have you been modeling? 2 1/2 years

10. How did you start modeling? Went to my first Casting Call for a large Fashion Show. 

11. So, what are you doing with yourself besides modeling? – I’m a mother of 2 and I work with adult and children who have Intellectual Disabilities. 

12. What would you say is your best feature and why? My smile, because it can brighter any room.

13. What else do you do for fun? Shopping

14. Do you like sports? If so who is your favorite sports figure? I Love basketball and my son who is not famous yet is my favorite player. 

15. What’s playing in your (iPod, iPhone, Android, music device)/Favorite Song (currently)?Pop Smoke and all his music.

16. What’s the craziest pick up line you’ve heard from guys trying to get your attention? You must be tired, because you been running thru my mind all night

17. How do you get into “character” for a photoshoot? The right music for the theme

18. What’s your favorite accomplishment in modeling so far? Showing women that you can be short and curvy and still follow your dreams. 

19. What would you say is your ultimate turn on? Personality

20. Who’s your favorite photographer? Joey Blanco

21. What’s something that most people would be surprised to find out when they actually meet you? That I love trap music.

22. How can people get in contact with you? (Social Media)

IG: Appleofhizeye

FB: Charmaine Claiborne


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