A veteran DJ with close to 40 years of experience. An avid music lover since birth and collecting records since he was a toddler. Starting out at age 11, doing his first job as the house party Dj for his family and friends in the neighborhood, Prime honed his skills graduating to making mixtapes, djing school dances, even hosting his own hotel event while in high school. Developing his beat making and production skills while in college, Prime was given the opportunity not only to be the main Greek and Campus party DJ at Bowling Green State University, but to take his talents to the airwaves of primetime DJ of the campus radio station WBGU 88.1 (Power 88). After a year, he became the Urban Director for his success of turning a subpar station into a competing and rival station against commercial stations in Northwest Ohio area.

Using his dorm room as a primary location, Studio B-237 (his actual room number) was launched. In that one room, he co-founded his first rap group, Black Minds of Music, which eventually recorded more than 70 songs, performing in local shows and shined as opening acts for X-Clan and Minister Louis Farrakhan over the course of his college career.

PRIME continued to produce Hip Hop tracks after college, working with local artists in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio. He contributed to the fast-selling Columbus Mob album “MIDWEST FUNK SOUNDTRACK”. PRIME produced Jakk-N-Jill’s “The Chronic” and assisted production on Insane’s “Tahitian Treat” and AKA & Eddie B’s “The Outro”. Tai-Pan, PRIME’s friend from college, was next to be blessed with the skills of PRIME on his first full-length album entitled “THE RISE, THE FALL, THE RISE” on Educated Records, exclusively produced by PRIME which sprung the single of the same title featuring Terri Whitlow formerly of Teen Dream. The summer of 1996, PRIME released his debut solo effort, “BUSTOWN FLAV”, a cassette EP which became the hottest collection of independently produced songs everywhere on the Columbus streets. The hit single “Bustown Flav”, the personal confession of “Ax Anybody…” and “Dis Style (featuring Ci-Dubble and Taleeb)” are among the EP’s brightest moments. Because of its success, PRIME was rewarded with opening show dates with Redman, Jamal & Keith Murray; all of the respected Def Squad. Spring of 1997, Columbus witnessed the exclusively produced Taleeb “TALEEB: VERBAL TACTICS”, which featured the hit singles such as “I Smell A Blunt” and “Verbal Tactics”. But with the radio success of “The Circumstances”, PRIME has been the most sought-after producer in the city.

Since then, PRIME has released two stellar CD’s THE BIRTH OF MR. JOSHUA: the breakneck pace experience and his self-titled CD THE TALENTED MR. LINDSEY. Besides his own work of music, PRIME has completed two classic albums for EKLYPZ PERIOD…”E=MC2 and “IT’S A PLEASURE 4U2 MEET ME”; two hot EP’s for SILAS…”Unlucky 7 Vol. 1 and “Unlucky 7 Vol. 2: Private Thoughts Gone Public” as well as a full length album entitled “Mr. Nice Guy”.  PRIME has also worked and put together a very hot and marketable CD for female sensation MECHIE whose mix of hip-hop and R&B are currently making her debut “Reality Check” a hot street commodity.

Besides production, PRIME has since ventured into graphic design and album consulting. Mentoring and assisting up and coming artists with designs, ideas, and concepts geared for better marketing and exposure for those he has worked with. Some of the artists he’s worked with are the late Camu Tao, Copywrite 78, S.P.I.R.I.T., J Sands of Lone Catalyst, Sev Static, BJC, Akil aka Doc Frank, Jae P., Robert Jackson and 275 of Tall Life Entertainment, Moe Beats (the “only” cat you need to see in Dayton…rest in peace), Rep Life of The What?, C-10 Tha Teacher, and countless others.

PRIME aka The Talented Mr. Lindsey was co-creator and 4 song producer for the Ohio Hip Hop Awards Nominated Best CD for C10 of Omnibreed with his solo release of “Cut The Check” and also has released the most successful and sought-after CD on his BIG BALD HEAD ENTERTAINMENT imprint for Toledo, Ohio native Swill Gates entitled “Everybody Hates Chris” in 2010. Producing half the CD along with admired producers DJ M.P.R.E.S.S. and Corey Jones, “Everybody Hates Chris” is still turning out hits and sold out shows for Swill Gates.

Returning back to his original moniker DJ PRIME, he was successful yet again with his latest release entitled OPTIMUS featuring the hit song currently streaming on all platforms “Happy Hour (feat. The Efrm Harris Quartet)” as well as some of the highest caliber artists around as well as continuing his work behind the scenes as a producer, studio engineer, mixer and DJ behind some of the hottest mixtapes to come. This follows up his previous successful releases including “Dirty Roots” and “The New Adventures of Old Prime” in which all are available for purchase at https://thetalentedmrlindsey.bandcamp.com.

Currently credited to his resume of mixing and mastering CD’s for national artists such as P Flame (Soulful Streets), Demari (Dinner & a Movie), J Rawls & John Robinson collectively known as JayARE with their highly successful release called “YCP (Youth Culture Power)”, as well as CD artwork for many other artists, DJ work for different songs on several different mixtapes and many more.  Speaking of mixtapes, since the joining of his DJ conglomerate Crooked Style Dj’s, PRIME has emerged back on the club and party scene with his DJ skills. He has released several “real” mixtapes and his most successful mixtape is his The Burn Notice Series entitled “Old School Hip Hop Mix” which can be found on his site at www.mixcloud.com/djprime237.

Prime has taken his Burn Notice series to the online airwaves in several markets in Ohio, Virginia and Minneapolis such as 216djs.com, WeRocx R920 and Star107fm.

Being creative has never left PRIME. Since the beginning of 2020, he has released a new song for each month of this year including his biggest hit “What I Miss (feat Qamil)” in which he directed and shot his own visual for. Other releases include a few instrumental tracks such as “Love (feat Sir Charles Travis)”, “Ax Anybody Pt V” as well as boom bap bangers such as “John Wick (feat Picket Fence & Mike Cooley)”.

DJ Prime has spun with some of the best DJ’s in the city and still maintains he own unique style of play no matter what genre it may be although classic hip hop and R&B are his favorite.  Throughout the years, he’s held DJ positions at The Classic Lounge, The Royal Lounge, Prime Lounge, Cheap Shots, Bellagio, The Hub, Rachel’s, The UBar, The Glow, Sade’s and many others. Because of his skill and dependability, many DJ’s are never hesitant to call on DJ Prime to fill in for the night.

Today, you can hear DJ Prime on several internet radio stations with his Burn Notice show named after his series of Ohio Local mixtapes and mixtapes in general. You can see him participating in many DJ Showcase Events such as The Redo (Columbus), The Set (Toledo) the Spinphony (Zanesville) and many more.

Whether it be turntables with Serato, controllers or the old school rocking of vinyl (albums, 12”s and 45’s), Dj Prime can rock it all.  And believe him when you hear his tagline “I can do this all day.” Because his love and passion for music and DJing allows him to.

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