Resurrection – Mrs. Elaynius

Resurrection, the self-proclaimed Gothic Rock Poetic Rapper, is a Mexican American rapper, guitarist, producer, and composer. Based out of Homestead and Florida City, FL, he describes his musical style as Experimental Guitar Rap Music. A unique blend of melodic rhythmic guitar playing, exquisite guitar leads, exotic rhymes, all these aspects tied together with musical experimentation. One of his latest singles, “Mrs. Elaynius”, with its catchy guitar hook, is an old-school style hip-hop track, infused with funk, a pulsing bass line, and sultry lyrics about a beautiful lady. Culminating with an exquisite and tasteful guitar solo. He is currently focusing on marketing and promotion, live performances, and refining his musical brand.


[cleveryoutube video=”id6QhmbNmfE” style=”2″]

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