Hip-Hop prodigy AK has been climbing the ranks since his viral debut in 2016. At just 16 years old the New Jersey-bred independent artist earned mad respect for his rapid-fire rhymes, clever wordplay, and undeniable flow. AK’s masterful skills are emphasized by his confidence and bravado, which is felt throughout his evolving cadences on every track. With talent beyond his years, AK has received stamps of approval across the hip-hop community and audiences alike.


Now at 20 years old AK’s abilities have been further honed, this is showcased on his latest EP ‘On Me’. The project dropped April 3rd and is 18 incredible minutes of his unrelenting swagger as he delivers bars on top of bars. Today, he’s releasing the official video for the EP’s track “30 Blunts”, produced by Mike Mac and Jordan Baum. According to AK the song is about, “what it’s like being young and in the industry and how everyday there’s temptations to face. That shit’s hard to keep away from, I had my own experience where I realized I wasn’t prioritizing what I needed to. I got caught up because I’m young and just wanted to have some fun out of this life I built for myself and it started to take me away from what was important. I feel like this song is a fun way of explaining that somewhat serious and definitely relatable lesson.”


The video perfectly captures the song’s message about the industry’s temptations. When asked about the process AK shared, “This video was a mad fun shoot. The idea of it was to physically show the battle between the temptation faced everyday versus the more innocent or focused side of us. Fun fact, me, Thad Swift (the director), Jacob Clark (Photographer on set) and Blayne B (the homie) actually rolled 30 blunts the night before the shoot so we had em for it the next day.”


Hailing from the Garden State, hip-hop artist AK (Austin Kassabian) firmly planted his feet in the music industry with his uncanny lyrical abilities and undeniable talent. The 20-year-old hip-hop artist from South Brunswick, NJ quickly took the internet by storm after releasing his remixed freestyle covers of top hip-hop tracks, stamped with his own creative spin, on YouTube. AK’s list of remixes include Desiigner’s “Panda” (34M+ Views), Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang” (10M+ Views), Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” (4.5M+ Views), etc. Now, with 1.6-Million subscribers and well over 140-Million views on his YouTube channel, AK has successfully branched out and moved on to creating his own original music.


In 2018, AK released his debut original single “Love Me,” which landed on the U.S. Top 20 iTunes Hip Hop Chart and on the Top 25 iTunes Charts in four other countries. AK uncovered the power of his singing voice on his single “Now I’m Forever,” which skyrocketed to #1 on the U.S. iTunes Hip Hop Chart, garnered over 7-Million Spotify streams, 2 Million Views on Youtube, and was added to YouTube Music’s ‘Flow Superior’ playlist. With great praise for his vocals, AK further developed his melodic sound with the release the fan favorite “Like I Got It” (over 4-Million views), and “Broken” both of which perfectly portray his masterful vocal ability.


After completing his 2019 Nationwide Tour and releasing several successful original singles, AK finally dropped his highly anticipated EP ‘On Me’ in Spring 2020. The first single from his EP entitled “Closed Off” is another self-produced track by AK and has an accompanying music video that reached over 1.2 Million Views. AK ambitiously released music videos to accompany every single track on his EP ‘On Me.’ Apart from his EP, AK’s new single “Top of the World” is currently featured on ESPN’s First Take and E Sports League Poland, and has over 1 Million streams in Spotify.


AK’s music has truly grown with him as he’s continued to break down barriers in hip hop. His sound hits a sweet spot that blends hip-hop and R&B which proves his versatility and range as an artist. Carving out a space of his own in the music industry, BET noted “This is only the beginning for hip-hop newcomer AK.” With each music release bigger and better than the last, it goes to show that AK is on his way to the top.

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