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July 12, 2018

Young Thug’s Former Manager Manny Halley Receives Settlement From Thugger’s Business Manager After Being Falsely Accused Of Stealing Money

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Last March, #YoungThug’s manager at the time, #MannyHalley, had been ordered to cut ties with the rapper after being accused of running up over $200,000 in charges on Thug’s business manager #DavidWeise’s company credit card. 

Halley vehemently denied those claims and later sued Weise for $53 million for defamation citing that the charges were for Thugger’s jets and that business manager was just upset with him for trying to get Thugger to fire his company. Halley accused David Weise & Associates of doing some funny business with Thug’s money, but now both parties have settled their suits! 

Weise ended up having to pay Halley an undisclosed amount of money in the 7 figures!! Halley tells us that he’s happy with the outcome. “I was falsely accused of using Young Thug’s business manager’s company credit card for personal use. The card was for Young Thug’s jets. David Weise & Associates and I have settled the lawsuit and my name has finally been cleared!”

David Weise released a statement confirming this. “The lawsuit between Manny Halley, David Weise, and David Weise & Associates has been amicably resolved,” the statement reads. “Upon further investigation the parties agree there was no criminal conduct.”





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