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July 10, 2017

Watch “Sleep (The Fraternity) – Conjure” on YouTube

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Written by: Stateofhiphop

With the release of Dark Arts of the Iron Age, The Fraternity makes sure to square their circle, having released this video for the track “Conjure.”  Featuring all members of The Frat, not only is this their first track together, this is the first album together since The Pale Horse Ep ( available on with some new faces.  Not all tracks feature all artists, but all artists are on this album.

Boasting nine members, The Fraternity, has been making noise since 2013.  Sleep has had a very successful career thus far, having performed on Cincinnati’s Fountain Square, winning many accolades in Cincinnati’s music scene, and boasting a catalogue of seven solo albums, two albums with Cocaine Chris as II-Man Cypher, AND being a member of another group.  His catalogue is very open, personal.

Touching on many controversial topics, public opinion, welfare, child abuse, and suicide, to name a few, The Fraternity has garnered a following like no other. Members are from all over the country, making the fan base as diverse as the group itself.  Some of their most loyal, closest fans have taken to calling them “The New Wu.”

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