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November 9, 2016

Tre Sixty

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Written by: AvianD

Mobile, AL Rapper/Lyricist

Born September 1, 1987 and raised by his grandmother Ociel Smith and uncle Terry Smith in Mobile, AL, Tre Sixty (Real name: Tremayne Smith) at 8 years old was introduced to rap music by his cousin Gregory. The first song that caught his ear was Bone Thugs N Harmony’s “First of The Month” who are his biggest influence. His second major influence is Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie. After hearing Lil Boosie when he was 13 his love of rap music went to another level but it wasn’t until he was 19 that he chose to seriously pursue a career in music. The song that inspired him was DG Yola’s “Ain’t Gone Let Up”. He began his career in 2007 and went under the name 360 which means well rounded but was later changed to Tre Sixty (another way of saying 360).

Tre Sixty first song “In The Trap” took three months to write and after finishing it he took a trip to Atlanta to promote it. When he returned to Mobile, Tre Sixty instantly began working on his first mix tape titled “Maysville’s Best Kept Secret” and was booked for his first show on May 31st, 2008 at the Knights of Columbus in Mobile, AL. “Maysville’s Best Kept Secret” was soon followed by “Mobile’s Best Kept Secret” and “Alabama’s Best Kept Secret” which includes his first radio single “Go Hard” that was played on 93 WBLX by DJ Nick@Nite, which was later followed by the singles “One Time Witcha” and “N It For The Money”. Tracks from the “Alabama’s Best Kept Secret” mix tape also received a total of 2,000,000 plays on Myspace. Later accomplishments includes opening for B.G at Club Illusions in Mobile, AL, appearing in the 3rd and 4th issues of Real Talk Magazine, being nominated for the Real Talk Magazine’s best up and coming artist and lyrics of the year award in 2008, and being featured on two of Real Talk Magazine’s mixtapes. In late 2009 he stepped away from music after being diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety, and suffering a minor stroke. After recovering he immediately began work on a new project titled “Da Best Kept Secret” which is the 4th and final installment in the “Best Kept Secret” series and includes the never before done, 24 minute, 958 bar, no cursing, no hook track “500+”.

In the future he plans on pursuing a career in artist development but as of now he continues to write music and is currently working on new projects. There will be much more music coming from Tre Sixty as he continues to grow as an artist by doing what he loves most which is making music.

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