Born and raised in Forrest City, Ar Artist, Songwriter, and Producer TANA started out like many. Influenced on the gospel and blues music his mother played, singing in the choir TANA was always into music. Introduced to rap by his step-brother, He took the knowledge of rapping and used it to the best of his abilities. Using a tape recorder he started putting rhymes on wax, eventually getting better at it. In middle school he linked up with friends Michael Miller and Cedric Pledger and formed a group who was later known as “Pistol Prophet” also adding new members to the group. They went on to perform shows at local events and being well known locally. Due to solo ventures the group split up(still remain good friends) and TANA has been working none stop since then gaining fans and relationships that will play a big part in his music. Currently he is working on more music, production and plans to be heard and known all over the world!


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