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Tesh – Space

  Tesh a multi-talented singer, songwriter out of Durham, NC; that looks to join the list of femcees to transform the landscape of hip-hop. Her electric style distinguishes her from other female emcees. Tesh’s sound tran...
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B Rice

  While some MC’s believe modeling themselves after popular artists is the way to success, B. RICE wants nothing to do with the status Quo. In a hip-hop climate where most MC’s tend to be clones stuffing countless song...
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Nolan The Ninja – Lex (produced by Ill Tal) +++ Upcoming Euro Tour

  Hip Hop is an art form and culture that is constantly changing. Musically speaking, new technology and the latest trends have a very real influence on the records released from year to year. It’s easy to get cau...
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  KloudyAllSeason is a multi-genre song-writer/artist. Kloudy is a Detroit, Michigan native. His sameness sets Kloudy apart from other artists. You can re-live his moments in-realtime. Every song the scene is set and ...
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Pablo Slugs

  Pablo Slugs is the Flagship Artist of Neighborhood Connect Ent. We would like you to listen to “Game Time”. This single is Produced By: Abel Petit a young producer from Europe. It was released New Year’...
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