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Yon Li has done it again with another dope, classic Album, entitled “The” (To Have Energy)… Check out The Album Release Party, listen to The music… Then go purchase The Album…    
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Black Drop Chronicles Ep.5 Tha Klinic

Check out Black Drop Chronicles Episode 5., featuring “Tha Klinic”…. Meet the 808 Klinic, some of the best Producers and Engineers in the game…  
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Black Drop Chronicles Ep.4 – Deizel Pro/808 Klinic

Black Drop Chronicles is Back with Episode #4, Deizel Tha Pro, The Artist, Engineer and Producer…We caught up with Deizel aka 808 to talk about his upcoming project entitled “Booth Juice”, also discussing the ...
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Black Drop Chronicles EP.3 – OG KAM

Black Drop Chronicles Episode 3., featuring O.G.Kam… Tune in to see what OG Kam has been up to. Living life on the West Coast, making songs vs battle rapping, who he is beefing with now, plus more….    
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Do us a favor and check out the track below. All constructive criticism is welcomed, We immediately forward all constructive criticism to help our artists, so thank you in advance for taking the time out of your busy day to pus...
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