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#StateOfAffairs: Taiyamo Denku – No Industry Standard | @TaiyamoDenku

Milwaukee based word-slayer Taiyamo Denku presents the sixteen track “No Industry Standard” album, bursting out the britches with pure, unadulterated Hip Hop “No Industry Standard” is the eighth full len...
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MulaManDam – Green Eggs & Dam @MulaManDam

A saucy mother ship has flew in from space and crashed on Long Island. The two survivors lucky to walk away from the wreckage after the smoke cleared are MulaManDam and Lord Casso. As they walked towards the stunned observant c...
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#StateOfAffairs: BACHI – SHLEEEP! @Bachi_Kage

“SHLEEEP!” is an album concocted by BACHI to wake the listeners up to the diversity of his music. Although new to the game, he knows he’s going to do some serious damage with his debut by showing folks his ver...
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Kenny Barz – BarsQuiat The Great (@Kenny_Barz)

Kenny Barz steps into the game with “BarsQuiat The Great”, highlighting his artistic abilities within this masterpiece Barsquiat the Great Barsquiat the Great, an album by Kenny Barz on Spotify Broadcasting witty pu...
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#StateOfAffairs: Chuuwee & Khalisol – PassOver (@Chuuw33)

Sacramento emcee Chuuwee gears up for yet another album in his highly acclaimed “Dystopia” series. Chuuwee teams up with New Mexico producer Khalisol, who produced the entire album, “PassOver” Chuuwee st...
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