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February 14, 2017

Sage One The Wise ft Ariano – New Drugs

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Written by: AvianD



Ethen Jimenez, also known as Sage One The Wise, harnesses a lyricism beyond his years. Born and raised in Orange County, California, Sage One The Wise often finds solace in the Hip Hop culture. From break dancing at the age of nine, he proceeded to move forward with other elements of Hip Hop like rhyming. By 16, his lyrical prowess became evident on his first mixtape, The Summertime EP. At only 18, as his follow-up mixtape, Similar Soulz, soared through the streaming roof, Sage One The Wise decided to experiment. The result was The Oldies But Goodies Collection, a mixtape of doo-wop and boom bap released in the summer of 2015.

Now in 2017 Sage One The Wise is ready to bring his first official release with the single “New Drugs”. Produced by and featuring west coast Hop Hop veteran Ariano, Sage One The Wise takes us on a medicated story of the trials that come with todays old and new vices. In 2017 he is ready to release his first full-length debut album, The Sage Project, produced by Ariano, but right now the focus is “New Drugs” by Sage One The Wise.


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