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August 24, 2016

Rob Giano – Dope Lab Oration

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Written by: AvianD



About the EP:

Dope Lab Oration is a mellow introspective collection of Hip Hop songs with soul, jazz, and boom bap influences. A collaboration with beats entirely handled by Santa Barbara, CA-based producer Sinuous, the 6-song collection features an ode to the original 4 elements of Hip Hop (“The Elements”), commentary on America’s social ills (“The Method” and “Signs”), displays of pure lyrical word play over gritty, soul-sampled instrumentation (“Say So”, “Wassup”, and “Ain’t Easy”), and points of internal, personal perspective all throughout.

About Rob Giano

Rob Giano, an emcee/producer based in Hampton VA, is a student of Hip Hop music and a product of the 90s golden era where beats, rhymes, and life continue to form the triple threat foundation to his artistry. Rob Giano has released several projects, including self-produced Instrumental album “Upon Listening, Vol. 1”, self-produced mashup mixtape “Not Until They Say”, and “S.O.R.I.”, which features production by S1, Sinuous, IllMind, and Apollo Brown, and received positive reviews from several online publications including Giano is currently promoting his new EP, Dope Lab Oration. “I consider myself an emcee seeking to be transparent about the way I’m experiencing the world, not relying on hyperbole, and yet giving the listener pure, good Hip Hop music.” – Rob Giano

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