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August 12, 2016

John Jo

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Written by: AvianD



John Jo is a up tempo, exciting rapper emerging from the streets of South Nashville. Employing an ambush style of lyricism, while also displaying multiple techniques of keen business savvy.

The music speaks for itself with ranging influences from Beastie Boys, to Public Enemy which give off a sound that nicely blends 2Pac realism, with Rage Against The Machine.

It’s no wonder the sound is so spot on. His philosophy is short and sweet “Free Your Will”. This message of freedom, by freeing your own will, via freeing your mind, is what inspires his diversity. The goal is simple, “This music must be heard…” says John, “Everyone has a voice, but not everyone is being heard. So for the people and by the people, I speak up.”

John Jo has released an EP entitled “Prelude To An Epidemic” that began in circulation in early 2014. He also released the highly anticipated rock EP “The High Life” with the group FREEWILL in December 2015. Currently has a video “Perfect Illusion” off the “Freedom Over Everything” EP being released in 2016

In His Own Words:

“My dream is to do what I love, for a living. Music is my life and my passion. I’ve spent the last few years giving everything I possibly could to do this. As easy as it might look on the outside, its extremely costly to an average individual working a day grind. I’ve spent every resource I have to finance several projects to get major executives, and industry name brands to notice the talent I know God has blessed me with. I’ve given up my house payment and have been extremely thankful to have friends that have offered their couches, spare rooms, and welcomed me in, in such a way that I know God is working. Many nights before I even could bring myself to ask them for a place to crash, I’ve slept in my car. All things worth having I feel it takes dedication, hard work, and some sacrifice. After lots of long nights, hours in the studio, things are starting to pay off… No hand outs!”

John Jo