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January 8, 2018

Digmata – Middle of The Map

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Written by: Stateofhiphop

Do us a favor and check out the track below.

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Artist: Digmata

Track Title: Middle of The Map



  1. Reginald Plug Gear Moffatt

    Bruh the video is Dope. Continue the hard work and dedication to your art. Alot of people have talent. But talent only takes you so far. Without the hard work and dedication your talents would just be a waste. You already know so Lets Get It. Doin 2020 ish in 18. #rapGAMEcrazy #OTOD #PLUGGEAR #DIGMATA #KINGSHIT #positiveVIBESonly

  2. Josh

    Good visuals…

    Even better song, looking forward to seeing hearing more from Digmata

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