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Shop Talk: DJ Layne Luv chops it up with Mr. Cheeks (LB Fam)

There are times when people in the spotlight have to take a hiatus from the chaotic demands of the business. The beauty of that time away is when you can refocus for the plan to expand, and to see the fruits of that expansion. ...
by Layne Luv


Quan Howell: The Familiar Stranger

Have you ever seen a public figure from a movie or singing group and said “That’s uhhhh” or “Didn’t you used to sing with uhhhh”? Or you see them out on the street and you know they’re ...
by Layne Luv


One 4 Da Family: Big Leto of LB Fam… by DJ Layne Luv

I’ve been in this industry long enough to know who’s really from the soil and who isn’t. Even with the protection of (my brothers & father) from street activity, it’s where I’m from, so I know...
by Layne Luv



Shop Talk: @DJLayneLuv Chops It Up Wit @NeekTheExotic of Main Source

2016 was the year veteran rappers took matters in their own hands. It’s like they finally caught on to the lesson the millennial rappers have been doing all along. They are not waiting for labels to say what’s hot a...
by Layne Luv


Shop Talk: DJ Layne Luv chops it up with The Legendary Kwame’

While 2016 has been a turbulent year for the majority, it has also taken DJ Layne Luv on a Hip Hop Ride, (peace to Da Youngstas) What started out as an interview with The Legendary Dana Dane back in April 2016 has turned into ...
by Layne Luv