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Avian Drummonds: The Unusual Suspect by Delayne Whiteside

This article is aptly named after an incident that happened at XO Nightlife in Columbus Ohio January of 2016. The BEATS Group was all present and accounted for that night to network with Monie Love (former radio host of The Ed ...
by Layne Luv


Bingo Is His Name by DJ Layne Luv

It’s cool when you get to blog about people from your hometown, but when they are your former high school classmate it’s a plus! Wayne Ford better known as Bingo has been in the rap game for quite sometime, but unli...
by Layne Luv


Let’s Do It Again! A Look Inside Of Ohio’s Redo Day Party by Delayne Whiteside

It happens every third Sunday in downtown Columbus Ohio. The music lovers and hip-hop snobs from all over the city gather at a place called The Avalon to celebrate the essence of true DJing skills and raw music. The name of the...
by Layne Luv



Shonte Renee: Straight Outta Oomp Camp by DJ Layne Luv

You never know how valuable a connection is until fate can be the only explanation for something amazing falling in your lap. Because if it wasn’t for my brother Alphonso giving me an all access press pass to the Fashion ...
by Layne Luv


Shop Talk: DJ Layne Luv Chops it up with Scoob Da Dawg

There is a lot of work involved when it comes to breaking a new rap artist. Being in the business for over 20 years, I have several primary reasons Hip-Hop artists don’t make it today…lack of work ethic and they are...
by Layne Luv