SOTU Podcast w/ Mario Armstrong

Every show gets bigger than the next!! Sooo excited to have a quick chat with Emmy Winning Host & Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong on the topic of Brand Loyalty. Can you stay loyal while still evolving with the tren...
by AvianD


SOTU Podcast: With Def Rugs

Co-owner of Def Rugs with #ErickSermon .. the one & only #MarshallFox responsible for providing all your fav rappers those dope custom rugs with their brand on it. #HipHop & we will hear who he has also made mus...
by Stateofhiphop



SOTU Podcast – Hov’s Interview

Check out the State of the Union Podcast as they break down Hov’s #Podcast interview & it’s influence on the culture #JayZ
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SOTU Podcast feat Doitall Du Kelly and Jenn Jerzey

Check out the SOTU Podcast as the discussed a lot of trending topics. #Kells, #Hart/#Usher.    
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