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SOTU Podcast: With Def Rugs

Co-owner of Def Rugs with #ErickSermon .. the one & only #MarshallFox responsible for providing all your fav rappers those dope custom rugs with their brand on it. #HipHop & we will hear who he has also made mus...
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SOTU Podcast: Talking Mase tonight with Jenn Jerzey and Evan Lark

The crew over at the State of The Union Podcast is talking Mase…  
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SOTU Podcast with Max Melvins

SOTU Podcast talks with the incredible interview with #MaxwellMelvins the man who worked hard right from a jail cell to keep more of our people out of the system #TheLifersGroup #25toLife.    
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SOTU PODCAST – The Great Ganja Debate

This week we will have the great Marijuana debate with Jenn Jerzey#Evanlark and many more. Where do you stand on this issue?  
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