#StateOfAffairs: Taiyamo Denku Ft Cella Dwellas – “Blackout” @TaiyamoDenku

Taiyamo Denku and Cella Dwellas join forces to cut the lights off on wack rappers on the Dcypha-produced single, “Blackout”. The highly seasoned wordsmiths bombard the beat like three wild beasts. Ug twists mental m...
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Avalon Ace and OG Sosa Locc – Visionary Blues

Avalon Ace and OG Sosa Locc debut the lead single, “Visionary Blues”, from their upcoming joint EP, “TheBlueTape”. This track is a smooth representation on how we outlet are feelings through the new gene...
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Pucci Jr – Mermaid (Freestyle) (@Pucci_jr)

Pucci Jr is a young, Afro Portuguese rapper who has been travelling around the world. Upon finding himself living in London, he decided to enter the music industry field. Pucci has a unique flow and a neutral accent due to his ...
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#StateOfAffairs King Non – “King Non Vs America”

King Non is a songwriter, emcee, and human rights activist from Philadelphia by way of Atlanta. He is most known for his controversial topics, catchy hooks and real life stories. Formerly known as Nonfiction, he has elevated i...
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Clever One – “Wild Seed”

Following up his 2014 solo debut entitled “Let’s Build”, Chicago lyricist Clever One returns with the explosive sounds of “Wild Seed”. The album features the lead off video single “Who’...
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