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  WHYNOTus is a collective full of young innovators. The idea behind whynotus is simply to encourage people to do anything that they feel and to inspire others to put their ideas into action. They have various platforms in...
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Felicia Guy-Lynch

  Felicia Guy-Lynch (1990) is Toronto-born. She is the owner and founder of Si Obi Publishing. Her works range in a variety of genres from poetry and short stories to screenplays and now songwriting. You can enjoy her as a...
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Skinny Pete – No They Don’t Know + Loyal To The Soil Tour With Clyde Carson

  Eugene artist Skinny Pete teams up with Mooky for the official music video for “No They Don’t Know.” Repping for the stoners out there, Pete kills his double-time flow while letting you know, there̵...
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SamuelThe1st & Drae Slapz – Yuh EP

  Portland hip-hop artist SamuelThe1st connects with producer Drae Slapz for the new 4-track EP titled “Yuh.” Officially announcing SamuelThe1st as a member of the Rare Vibe record label, “Yuh” is d...
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Hoody Time

    Joey Talmage, better known by moniker Hoody Time, is an emcee and multi-instrumentalist based in Nelson, New Zeland. Joey got his start as a DJ in Cincinnati, holding residencies at top clubs and providing Midwest...
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