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Calid B.’s Newest Afrobanger Celebrates Umoja as a Lifestyle

  Today’s Kwanzaa: Calid B.’s Newest Afrobanger Celebrates Umoja as a Lifestyle Interview between Lauren Ash and Producer/Emcee Calid B. Now that it’s officially wintertime in Chicago, Chicago-based, Columbus...
by AvianD


Peoti Visions

  Why Peoti Visions? Peyote is a psychoactive plant that was used by Native Americans as a way to transcend and talk to the gods. It was also used in the men’s right of passage into manhood. As young men seeking trut...
by Stateofhiphop


Marcus Boyd

  Marcus Boyd is a brand new Christian hip-hop artist from Youngstown, Ohio. He believes in putting god first and spreading his words and gods love through soulful hip-hop beats. Marcus does conscious gospel, which is wher...
by AvianD



Caine Casanova

  19 years old Amir Clayton Powell, Jr. better known as Caine Casanova is an American rapper, producer and songwriter. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio; Caine embarked his passion for music at a very young age. Growing up...
by Stateofhiphop


John Jo

  John Jo is a up tempo, exciting rapper emerging from the streets of South Nashville. Employing an ambush style of lyricism, while also displaying multiple techniques of keen business savvy. The music speaks for itself w...
by AvianD