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Michelle Island

  Michelle Island has been writing music since an early age. Michelle grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio; in her mother’s home along with 6 talented sisters. In 2014 she recorded her first song, “Fallen” produce...
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  SI’YIR ROYALE (sigh-year), is an 23 year old, award-winning Singer/Songwriter from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Teamed and signed with producer/executive FYU-CHUR (future), the multi-talented entertainer is rapidly on ...
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  Stopsix Texas built, Brookilyn is a refreshing new sound out of Texas. The 24 year old female makes catchy, relatable, and cultured influenced music for all ages and lifestyles. Brookilyn has a new EP entitled Sauce In S...
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Janell aka Pretty Eyes

Recording artist Janell Reyes, known professionally as Janell aka Pretty Eyes was born on May 1st 1990. Janell, a TriMerican brought up in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma first attracted attention for her feature with FMB DZ “Ha...
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GTM Chima

  Out of Oakland,CA, GTM Chima has that vintage hip hop vibe that showcases his lyrical talent in his music. He is part of a rap group called GTM and they all plan to make a name for their group in the near future. This so...
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