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DABeeside – Major Keys

#Dabeeside is back like we left something. Young Call letters, Mr. 90%, Filth Gawd, and Emo Dave back talking about Khaled, Drama, Schoolboy Q, Drake vs EM, Rappers we love, hate, over and underrated. all the way up vs controll...
by AvianD


DaBeeside – F. Tonald Drump

Been awhile, sorry for the delay but Dabeeside Podcast is back. We talked about NBA all-star game snubs, Superbowl Predictions. Of course we talked about Donald Trump and politics as usual. Hip hop artist and their love affai...
by AvianD



DaBeeside – Usher Mega Million Herpes Ball

  Drake announced working on new album R.Kelly Running a sexual cult. Details about the girl Do yall still love Kells music? If we stop listening to kells for messing with underage girls, do we do this across the board? Us...
by Stateofhiphop


The Podcast in the Key of Life – March Madness Bracket

It’s march and it’s time for the March Madness Bracket for 2017. This year’s bracket was for the One Hit Wonders of R&B. There are none stop debates and a lot of singing. Make sure you fill out a bracket a...
by AvianD