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Watch “Grind Mode Cypher Brilliant Mindz (prod. by Derek James)” on YouTube

Grind Mode Cypher.  More flame from New England.   Keep hitting play.    Subscribe to their channel.   Share the videos.   These guys put New England back in the rap game.
by Stateofhiphop


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Rap Battles?  In Cincinnati?

Cincinnati has been producing music since, well, as long as I can remember.  King Records was here.   Warner Brothers was here.  L.A. Reid was here.  We’ve produced the Isley Brother’s.  Boo...
by Stateofhiphop



Watch “Sleep (The Fraternity) – Conjure” on YouTube

With the release of Dark Arts of the Iron Age, The Fraternity makes sure to square their circle, having released this video for the track “Conjure.”  Featuring all members of The Frat, not only is this their first ...
by Stateofhiphop


New artist Melii kills this remix

Who is this girl? Sings? Raps? Kills this beat. Sorry Cardi B…. Hip hop has a new contender for the Women’s heavy weight belt.
by annexx513