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Freedom or Death: DJ Layne Luv Chops It Up With Freedom Williams

In 1991, rap group 3rd Bass came out with the song Pop Goes The Weasel which was a diss song about rappers like Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer going POP! In fact, in the 90’s, once a rappers lyrics went mainstream, you were in...
by Layne Luv


Ricky L Samuel Sr: Dirt Road Music by DJ Layne Luv

Being the Northern Yankee boy that I am, I’m always elated when I engage with someone from the Dirty South. To keep it simple…we just do shit differently. For example, you could walk by 10 northerners on the same s...
by Layne Luv


Flint: “….but what if it was you?” By Delayne Whiteside

#TrueStory Apr 13 2018 my apartment complex sends out a mass letter to all of the residents stating: “On April 17-18, we will be working on a water problem and the water supply for the complex will be down from the hours ...
by Layne Luv



Jamo Gang! Gang! but not the Same! Same! by DJ Layne Luv

2018 Hip Hop is full of experiments and hybrids but then there’s those (as TLC would call it) MTB type things…ahem Meant To Be! But Hip Hop culture has always had two conversations….what we used to do and what...
by Layne Luv


Raven Kapone: Northside Ambassador by DJ Layne Luv

Change is the most significant when people from a person’s past can hardly recognize them from the positive adjustments they have made in their life. That can definitely said about Raven Kapone. From his gang ties to his ...
by Layne Luv