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A Boring Ending….by Delayne Whiteside

If you saw the movie Fruitvale Station by Ryan Coogler, the story is that of a day in the life of 22 year old Oscar Grant. This young man was killed by BART Police at the Fruitvale BART Station at 2:15am January 1, 2009. The st...
by Layne Luv


Tony Terry is Taking The Ladies To The River by DJ Layne Luv

There are some opportunities people work for, and then there are some that are just God given. You can tell which is which by how things fall into place. Well, when I got the call from a company named Divine Engineering, I sho...
by Layne Luv


The P Is Not Silent by DJ Layne Luv

There are legends around people never knowing what Big Daddy Kane looked like before they met him, only to find out the he wasn’t a big fella at all. Other legends talked about people not knowing that Russell Simmons was...
by Layne Luv



Avian Drummonds: The Unusual Suspect by Delayne Whiteside

This article is aptly named after an incident that happened at XO Nightlife in Columbus Ohio January of 2016. The BEATS Group was all present and accounted for that night to network with Monie Love (former radio host of The Ed ...
by Layne Luv


Bingo Is His Name by DJ Layne Luv

It’s cool when you get to blog about people from your hometown, but when they are your former high school classmate it’s a plus! Wayne Ford better known as Bingo has been in the rap game for quite sometime, but unli...
by Layne Luv