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Harlem DJ’s Pt 5: The World Famous Brucie B by DJ Layne Luv

In 2001, The Source Magazine advertised this documentary about 3 young brothers from Harlem New York. The story Game Over was about fast rise enterprising teenagers that turned into semi drug kingpins. The gentleman I speak of&...
by Layne Luv


Harlem DJ’s Pt 2./ DJ Layne Luv chops it up with Fatman Scoop

I enjoyed speaking to the Party Rock veteran Fatman Scoop and getting his breakdown on what it means to be a Party Rock DJ. He’s got a new single out with Ron Browz called Cherry Longe. It’s another banger!!! When h...
by Layne Luv


Harlem DJ’s Part 1: DJ SNS by DJ Layne Luv #BlackMusicMonth

If you are reading this, you better know that in this lifetime, there is nothing like a Harlem DJ. Nothing! A Harlem DJ to music and like Miracle Whip to a fried bologna sandwich …. it just makes it better. But I didn...
by Layne Luv



@PayneDaSquadBoy: The Grind from 215 to 419 by DJ Layne Luv

Whoever would have thought that one day, in America,  just because you land on national television doesn’t write your ticket for success. Even then, there is still a grind process an artist must go through to stay releva...
by Layne Luv


The After Party: DJ Layne Luv speaks with Newark NJ’s @DoItAllDu

There was a time in hip hop when an artist doing well in the music industry could not see anything past performing on records and stage. However, in the mid 90’s young enterprising entrepreneurs showed the world that hip ...
by Layne Luv