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StateOfAffairs: Taiyamo Denku – Stand Back (@TaiyamoDenku)

Taiyamo Denku continues setting fire to the microphone in preparation of his forthcoming album, “No Industry Standard”. This time, he blazes a Psycho Les produced record, instructing bystanders to “Stand Back&...
by Blitz


#StateOfAffairs: TROOFFOREVER – Forever (@troofforever)

Twenty-seven year old D.C. artist / designer TROOFFOREVER makes his triumphant return to the airwaves with the revealing of the six track EP, “Forever” Forever Forever, an album by Troofforever on Spotify “For...
by Blitz


Bknott – Where You Stay (Part 1) @lifeofbknott

Bknott is a Birmingham, Alabama breaking artist who has lived all across the nation. By way of his visuals and music, Bknott enlightens listeners and tells his story in a way that can not be imitated by anyone. As always, he wi...
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RoeShamBeaux – Spa Day @jaythehomie @mikeyyysol

Exhausted. Tired. Restless. All adjectives RoeShamBeaux are attempting to croon themselves out of with their new song, “Spa Day”. This is a song for anyone that’s been working their tail off for far too long and a...
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Jaye Alpha – Ice Cream @JayeAlpha

Virginia riser Jaye Alpha arrives to the scene with a new single titled, “Ice Cream”. The pop / trap track is all about having, wanting and getting flashy things. He combines a modern rap music sound with unique flo...
by Blitz