Alexander “Xan” James and BTL at Skully’s

Xan & BTL


As I walked into Skully’s Music Diner in Columbus, OH on Tuesday night, anticipation was growing for the upcoming Hip-hop showcase hosted by Tommy Gibson and Came from Nothin Records. The first few acts were entertaining with a trio of rappers starting the show trying to hype up the crowd. The second performer attempted to serenade the ladies in the house while draping nothing but a vest which he eventually took off, and the next duo worked the audience by starting out with a familiar rendition of R Kelly’s Bump & Grind. All of these acts entertained in their own right, but there was no one that matched the talent and enthusiasm of the next group.

When Alexander “Xan” James and the rest of his group, Quise and Skinny P (which together are known as BTL or Bigger Than Life), took the stage the DJ already knew it was going to be something special. The crowd near the stage was sparse before they stepped on it, but their excitement was contagious and as their performance went on more and more of the crowd moved to the front and started vibing, one fan even giving out a few high fives! Their set consisted of four songs; Pressure, Pull Up, Long Way and Know My Options and between the last two songs one gentleman even screamed to the DJ to “turn that shit up!” During the entire set these guys had unbelievable chemistry and definitely fed off each other throughout their performance. If BTL can rock a small venue on a Tuesday night there’s no telling what they can do with a larger crowd on a weekend!

After the show Xan and BTL mingled with the crowd, handed out cd’s and took pictures with a few fans. They also did a post show interview with WTMH radio that had me rolling at times, these guys were just that fun to listen to and be around. I was also lucky enough to receive one of the cd’s they gave out and let me tell you the music on it validated everything I heard on stage and more. Alexander “Xan” James and BTL definitely have come a “Long Way” but there’s still more to accomplish and I have no doubt in my mind that these guys will get it done. I will definitely be attending their next show and can’t wait to
see what’s next for this trio!

To check out their full set via Xan’s Facebook live feed check out the embedded video below…